Welcoming the Weekend: Alone Time

Posted: 10 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Rest & Relaxation | Read Time: 2 minutes, 0 seconds

The weekend is ahead and wide open. Marty and I both travel for our jobs but this weekend I will be home while Marty will be away. I truly value the occasional solitary weekend, as I know Marty does too. When I was younger, the thought of being away from the man I love was torture. I would mope around counting the hours until his return, desperate for a phone call. Today I shake my head at that young girl and think “girl what a waste!”

With a solitary weekend, I am allowed to do whatever I want, guilt free. It’s my fun time. But keep in mind fun time is not the same for everyone. Marty tends to do guy stuff like not showering after exercising, watching endless hours of sports on TV in between working on his computer and eating take out, pizza and Chinese are two of his favorites.

My guilty pleasure is putting the house in order on Friday evening confident in the knowledge that it will stay that way.  Saturday morning is a blast because I can get up early and make all the noise I want without worrying about disturbing Marty. In good weather I make a cup of tea and sit out by the lake want watch the morning light change.

This weekend I plan to continue work on the Somers History Project. I have set-up a table in the yellow room and it is already stacked with photos to be scanned. I looked into professional scanning companies and while a little pricey they sure make the process easier. I may use a service on the slides but right now I am enjoying going through the old photos and remembering.

I am also going to “do something” with the apples we picked last weekend. I have built quite a reputation with my children and my grand children through my apple pies and “killer” macaroni and cheese.  I enjoy baking and preparing good food for the people I care about in my life. It is a labor of love.

I may also take in a movie or even go into the City to see a play. Or just snuggle up on the sofa and finish that book I am reading. So as you can see, part of the fun is in the dreaming and planning. What are you doing this weekend?