What Does It Take To Make A Dream Come True?

Posted: 10 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Life Management | Read Time: 1 minute, 21 seconds

{The Brooklyn Bridge}

"Once you have the will, everything else is just details."
~Christine Somers

Just before New Years, I wrote about 4 of my friends, extraordinary people who are intentionally following their dreams.  Chuck, Irene, Annie and Michael have all embarked upon a life-changing course. As I listened to their stories, I learned of a continuing element, a common thread in each of their lives that made the next step in their life possible. They found the WILL to make the changes necessary to pursue their dreams. 

For each one of my friends there was an event or wake up call that started the process of change that resulted in them thinking about and eventually taking another path, a path that would lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.  For some it was a growing dissatisfaction with work or sadly for others, the death of a family member or friend but each one had a moment when they felt the need to make a change. These life touch points made them focused and willing to consider other options that would lead to a more invigorating life. 

In my Intentional Living Series I wrote about WILL as the spark that leads to success. Without the WILL to take action, plans will stall and dreams will be put on the back burner. Complacency takes over and nothing changes. As you think about your life plans and dreams, first decide if you have the WILL to make your plans a reality. Once you have the WILL, everything else is just details. 


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