The 5 Best Tips For Getting Though The Rough Times

Posted: 9 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Life Management | Read Time: 2 minutes, 49 seconds

{A Walk in Central Park}

Last Friday I shared with you that I was going through a series of test to monitor the possible recurrence of cancer in my body. I reached out at the end of my post for ideas on how to handle a health crisis and the maddening wait for answers. You guys really came through with some great ideas plus you sent me positive energy and love. I thank you for that. At the encouragement of my wise friend Melanie Taylor, I am sharing these tips with you on how to keep moving during a difficult time. 

#1. Reach out to your friends and family. More than one of you wrote about the love and support that came from those close to you when struggling with a crisis. Friends and family can keep you from dwelling in the dark places of your mind. As Kathy Gottberg wrote, my friends and husband kept "bringing me back to the light". Friends offer hope and comfort during the dark times and can celebrate with you when the news is good. 

{A Man Reading To A Woman}

#2. Pray.  All of us don't come from the same religious background but everyone talked of the calming and healing power of prayer.  All who wrote found serenity and solace in praying to God, a Higher Power or the Universe. Praying allows you to release and let go of your fears. You offered up prayers of healing and support for me and I felt comfort in the knowledge that you were praying for me.

#3. Spend time outside experiencing the beauty of nature. I was not surprised to read that others felt compelled to head outdoors during a crisis. What better way to feel alive than to spend time watching a hummingbird in motion or planting colorful flowers. I can truthfully say that after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2007, our yard never looked better. I spent hours outside "working" in the yard. Many of you talked of pulling weeds, cutting the grass, planting flowers or watching a sunrise or sunset, anything to be outside and engaged with life. 

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#4. Exercise. Yes, exercise! Another friend suggested, "Going for a long and sweaty walk" because "there is nothing like good old fashion muscle pain to tell you you're alive". Science has documented that as you exercise you take in more oxygen, your endorphins increase and your stress level decreases. Go science! Thomas Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau and Aldous Huxley wrote of the virtues of going for a walk and clearing ones mind. But I believe their ode to walking applies to any physical activity that takes you out of your head and keeps you in the here and now. 

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#5. Talk to a therapist. I agree whole-heartedly with this suggestion; there are times when a trained professional can help. Active listening is a learned skill and a good therapist has the tools to help when his or her client is in crisis or emotional pain. 

My mother used to say that life is motion. These 5 tips help you keep moving and engage in life instead of allowing anxiety over the future to paralyze your mind. Dwell in the light instead of hiding in the dark in fear.