Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Posted: 10 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Life Management | Read Time: 2 minutes, 27 seconds

{The National Anthem at the Nicks Game}

I get on a "kick" every once in a while; what is a kick you might ask? A kick when you decide out of the blue you must do something that is out of the ordinary in your life. An example would be a couple of years ago, I decided Marty and I had to see all the Best Picture nominations before the broadcast of the Academy Awards. Of course I decided this about three weeks before the broadcast so we had to schedule a film every Saturday and Sunday morning at whatever movie theater was showing one of the nominated films. It became a race to get them all in before the broadcast. We had a great time and now, Marty wants us to do it every year. That's the problem with involving another person in a kick; they may want to make it a "thing". 

My 2014's kick is seeing all the New York sports teams play plus attending the US Open Tennis in New York. Each summer we go to Yankee Stadium and root for Jetter and the gang but as for the rest of the NY teams I've never seen them play. The first opportunity to see a New York team was two weeks ago when we went to the Knicks game. Marty was confused as to why I wanted to see the Knicks play because a.) They aren't a very good team and b.) Well, there is no b. Marty isn't a long-suffering fan for any team. He goes to see a good game where in the end his team wins.

We had fun watching the Knicks but the man who sat next to us was getting more depressed as the game clock ticked down. He was turning 50 and had come to Madison Square Garden to celebrate this milestone with his favorite sports team. He really wanted the Knicks to win but alas, it was not meant to be. He left a few minutes before the final buzzer because turning 50 and seeing the Knicks loose was too much for him.

When I looked up the official New York teams, I discovered there were more teams than I thought. Candidly I wasn't thinking lacrosse or any women's teams but now they are both on the list. I do feel a little guilty about failing to think about women's sports. Next on the list is the Brooklyn Nets though I am more interested in seeing the Barclays Center than in seeing the Nets. The residence of Brooklyn fought the Barclays Center and I want to see what all the fuss was about in approving this building. I am looking forward to my 2014 kick because I will get to see various sports teams in action and explore parts of New York I have seen yet. Do you ever get on a kick and if so, what are they?