Summer Fun And New Ideas

Posted: 7 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Life Management | Read Time: 2 minutes, 25 seconds

Summer is in full swing as my squash and zucchini plants are heavy with fruit and I am in full gardening gear as I work to out wit our resident groundhog in battle for the most tender parts of the lettuce. He is winning. My grandkids are visiting one at a time this summer instead of descending upon us in a pack. There is such joy in these intimate and joyful visits but I will be the first to concede that at times very tiring. On about the third day of their visit I am reminded why parenthood is for the young.

I am calling these visits, the Weekend of Yes. Each grandchild is told yes to anything thing that is safe and within the budget. They ask to go to Time Square so they can visit the M&M store and purchase a pound of M&Ms. Yes, let’s do it! You want cookie dough pancakes with whipped cream? Yes, coming right up!. The grandkids control the remote control and I gladly watch reruns of the University of Florida playing football against a Southern rival while my grandson excitedly narrates each play it is about to happen. They choose the play, the movie, the museum and the kinds of food we eat for this one special summer vacation as well as what time we go to bed. It is their Weekend of Yes. The WOF is a once in a lifetime treat; a very special treat because it happens only once during their childhood. 

I am saying yes to a few things that I want to share with you. Footsteps is starting a new series on Wednesday called Letters From Dixie. We are printing letters from a displaced Southerner to her sister as she attempts to navigate the ideas and people of her new Northern home. I hope you are amused by Dixie's observations as I am. Also, I have discovered a new podcast that has captured my attention. Malcolm Gladwell is on episode 09 of this podcast Revisionist History. Gladwell takes a second look at events that shaped actions and thoughts in the United States and questions there impact. While I don't agree with all his conclusions, I find it refreshing to give brain power to ideas instead of the minutiae of the current media banter. 

And finally how about the Olympics! Inspiring and dramatic are two words that come to mind as I watch this year's event in Rio. If you get a chance to check out Under Armour's new video piece on Michael Phelps, do it, it is worth your time. Their new tag line is Rule Yourself. I Will. I believe that slogan rivals the Nike, Just Do It!  

And finally, finally. The Pride of Place tour is gearing up again so be on the look out for the next installment.