Merry New Year!!

Posted: 8 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Life Management | Read Time: 2 minutes, 40 seconds

Life is good and yet, it is a bit off schedule. We had our first snow of the season at the Lake this morning, my Christmas tree was up well into the New Year and this is my first blog post of the 2016. I can't explain the lack of snow but the Christmas tree and blog post are my doing. Our Christmas tree was beautiful and smelled delicious and I couldn't bring myself to take it down. The blog has taken a back seat to other activities though I have had multiple conversations with you in my mind as I went about my day. 

If you will bear with me for a moment I am going to take this opportunity to eulogize 2015. You see due to my work in live events and strategic marketing, I have developed the habit of "branding" each year. I know that may seem a bit odd to some but it works for me. The word for 2015 was Joy. After multiple years of family health struggles, I declared that I would actively seek out joy. I am here to declare that I found it. Joy blossomed in me as I sat by the Lake and felt the sun on my face and marveled at the lettuce growing in my garden. Joy over took me as I talked to my grandchildren on the phone, some of whom the only words I understood was when they signed off saying I love you. Moments of joy were to be found everywhere but most of all it was found in the ordinary activities of life. 2015 was a very good year and will remain in my heart for months to come. 

Now you may be wondering if I have chosen a word for 2016. I have and the word is peace. That may seem to be an odd word to champion in an election year. Politicians and the Media in an effort to get our vote or get our attention have embarked on a campaign of listing all the problems real and imagined with our neighbors, our country and the world. Shrill and abusive conversations are being held on television and on-line in an effort to prove those involved have completely forgotten basic manners. Peace, I am sad to say, appears to be friendless.  

I suspect that peace like joy doesn't rely on the actions of another. Peace, if you look, can be found in your own heart and mind. The world does not have to be at peace for you or me to have peace in our life. We can chose to embrace peace regardless of the agitation another attempts to create. I am going to take 2016 to explore creating peace in the world. I do hope peace of mind is a choice because that is my word for 2016. 

I will continue to explore community as well as other less serious subject. An example of something less serious? I have discovered lattes. Good ones not the kind you find at the coffee chains but ones made lovingly by passionate experts. I hope you continue to check back to see what fun stuff is on the horizon.