Footsteps Launches an app!

Posted: 11 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Life Management | Read Time: 1 minute, 54 seconds

I was confused. My mother’s blood pressure had been managed for years by a daily blood pressure medicine. Now it was completely out of control. Each time my mother stood up in rehab to practice walking, her blood pressure rose dangerously high. Maybe it was because of the strokes, maybe the medicine had become ineffective or maybe there was something else going on that we did not know. 

When I met with the rehab doctor, I asked him why Mom’s medication was no longer effective. As he reviewed her charts, he stated that mom was not on medication for high blood pressure. I was stunned. After shuttling from the hospital to rehab multiple times, the fact she took blood pressure medication had “fallen” off her chart. She had gone cold turkey off a medication that she had been taking for years and was essential.

At that moment the light bulb came on. I became an active participant in my own healthcare as well as my mom’s. It was dangerous not to. It was vital that I develop the mindset and the tools to be a partner in managing my medical care and the medical care of those I love. Also it was crucial that the solution be easy and accessible.

That experience motivated me to design and produce MMI-MyMedInfo. MMI is an iPhone app that allows me to store all my medical information, and any family member or friend's medical information on my phone. And because it's in my phone, that information is always with me. It helps me answer all the key questions whether I'm in the emergency room or at a routine medical visit. Right now all my medications and dosages are easily accessible in one place. If I need the number or address of my pharmacy, it is grouped in MMI with the rest of the key people on my medical team. Those are just a few examples among the many benefits of MMI. Check out the Apps page for an in depth overview.

I encourage you to take a look at it. I would very much like you to avoid the stress and frustration that I experienced, as I was caring for my mother. Check out MyMedInfo in the app store.