Eat, Drink And Have A Merry Christmas

Posted: 10 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Life Management | Read Time: 1 minute, 30 seconds

For what seemed like forever but in reality was only the blink of an eye, Christmas Eve for me was a time of early church services and late nights of assembling toys for my children. Now my children are assembling the latest hot toy well into the night after an early candle light service at their church. Wanting to add a little adult cheer to the wonderful but stressful tradition of preparing for Santa's arrival, I turned to some truly creative people to come up with the perfect food and drink to make the evening special.

Eat: Clara Persis loves food and entertaining so when she says these are 8 Easy Holiday Appetizers, I know it's true. These are the perfect appetizers to snack on as dad and mom assemble the Razor Drift Crazy Cart or try out the new Playstation 4. 

Drink: Whether you live in Florida or Maine hot chocolate is a special, tasty treat for both children and adults at Christmas. Not Without Salt's has taken the basic hot chocolate recipe and made it a Christmas delight that works in both warm weather and cold weather climates. Peppermint hot chocolate affogato can be sipped from a mug or poured over ice cream in a bowl; it is scrumptious!

Be Merry: The kids or grandkids are asleep and the house is all-quiet, this is a good time to pull out your camera and make sure the batteries are charged. Nothing dampens the Merry than taking two photos and the camera goes dead. Also, take a few pictures of the adults in action as Santa's elves; in the future your kids and grandkids will love them. David Peterson of Digital Photo Secrets shares some of his insights in How To Take Memorable Christmas Day Photos.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!