Are You Superstitious?

Posted: 10 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Life Management | Read Time: 3 minutes, 14 seconds

{Siblings at play}

As I sit here drinking my morning juice creation, which admittedly is a little heavy on the ginger and lime juice, I am wondering if I am superstitious. My experience driven philosophies have served me well in the past. One such philosophy is the belief that if something is so hard that it takes every once of energy to accomplish it and the results are ho hum than I am probably doing the wrong thing. I will give you an example. My father believed whole-heartedly that a business degree was the only college degree worth pursuing. So off to college I went in pursuit of the holy grail of college degrees only to discover that no matter how hard I worked, I could do no better than a C+ in accounting. I worked hard but lets be honest, I didn't care about accounting. So after 2 terms of accounting, statistics and finance classes, I switched to political science. To say the heavens parted and the angels sang would be a bit of an exaggeration but my scholastic world became infinitely easier. I still worked hard but the results were very different. I made the Dean's List regularly and graduated with honors, which I can assure you would never have happened if I had remained a business major. I am not saying that you shouldn't pursue those goals that are difficult or that you should turn tail and run when the going gets rough. I am saying pay attention to the "signs" that are posted along your journey of life and make sure what you are trying to achieve is your passion. 

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Now back to my original question, am I superstitious? As I shared with you, I am writing a book.  I started work on this book during the fall of 2009. My Aunt and Uncle were gracious enough to allow me to use the family farmhouse in North Carolina as a writer's retreat. I was making real headway until the day I stepped off the curb in Greensboro and BAM, a 19-year old-girl making a left hand turn into the sun hit me. I was the only pedestrian for miles and I had the right-of-way but like a heat seeking missile she hit me straight on causing a head injury and a broken ankle. Now fast forward to the summer of 2013, I once again committed to writing this book. I signed up for a writer's retreat, submitted my work for review, received positive feedback on my work and once again began writing. And then the cancer scare. Yes, it all turned out well but now I look suspiciously at my unfinished manuscript. Is completing this book equivalent to me trying to complete a business degree or is this story similiar to a broken mirror that attracts bad luck for the owner? Are forces unseen trying to keep me from writing this story? (Okay, I am kidding here...kinda.)

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I know, I know, in this day and age we scorn or ridicule those who are superstitious. This year's Boston Red Sox comes to mind; come on guys shave already. You all look like Grizzly Adams but you don't live in the woods with a grizzly bear for a companion. You live in Boston for goodness gracious. See what I mean; I, too, find superstitious behaviors amusing. So why am I reticent to open my computer and start work on my manuscript? Could it be I am superstitious? When you spill the salt, do you toss some over you shoulder? Do you open your umbrella in the house? Will you step on a crack and risk breaking your mother's back? Are you superstitious? Let me know because I believe...the truth is out there. 

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