Intentional Living Series Week Twenty-Seven: A Change Of Scenery

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{Marty & Christine On The Circle Line}

"When you're on a merry-go-round, you miss a lot of the scenery". ~ Neil Diamond

In Weeks 24 and 25 we discussed how boredom and exhaustion could zap your energy and cause you to lose focus on the important priorities in your life. This week I am going to write about how to change your scenery and increase your energy. 

I was driving to a meeting last week when I made the decision to try a new route. I had driven a couple of times to the site but I kept thinking there must be an easier and quicker way than I had been traveling. The new route had been suggested by my GPS and I figured why not...same distance, same time. The route seemed simple enough but as I traveled along, it became clear I had no idea where I was, nothing looked familiar. Instead of my normal panic about being lost and the possibility of being late...I view being lost and being late as personal weaknesses...I embraced the journey. The scenery was lovely as I traveled this new route. I arrived at my destination a few minutes behind my colleague and we went right to work on the new project. But I felt a difference...I was energized in a new way. Traveling the new route had shown me a change of scenery that resulted in a burst of energy. 

I like many people, work to create a routine in life. Having a routine is kind of like using short hand to take notes. It is quicker and doesn't require quite so much of your attention when going through a process. Think about getting up each morning. What if you had to consciously think about each step of your morning routine? Do you really want to say, "Now I brush my teeth"? No you just do it. But a routine over an extended period of time can lead to boredom or even exhaustion. A routine life just dampens your energy. One of the reasons companies insist that their employees take vacations is they know taking a break from the routine of work is beneficial to both the employee and the company. Companies have found that most of the time the employee comes back to work with their "batteries recharged". Kathy Gottberg at writes passionately about The Joy And Benefits of Travel. Once you read her blog post, you will immediately begin planning your next trip. 

But I am not just talking about vacations. I am suggesting that a change of scenery in your own community will help you rejuvenate your attitude. Whether taking a new route to work, trying a new restaurant or exploring a new part of town, just getting out of your routine will have a positive effect. A couple of years ago Marty and I made a pact...every New Year's Day we were going to do one new "tourist thing" in the City. Candidly, we immediately had to make an adjustment to that pack. New York City maybe the city that never sleeps but a whole lot of businesses are closed on New Year's Day. So during New Year's week we have taken the Circle Line around Manhattan as well as visited the Empire State Building to have our picture taken on a green screen girder. Even though it is as cold as all get out, we have a fabulous time. We laugh, we freeze, we spend time together and then head back to work ready to take on the world.

Life is a balance between the ease of the routine and the joy and challenge of exploration.  It is not necessary to pack a bag and leave home to change the scenery in your life. As you reflect on your life this week, are you in balance? Do you need less routine and more exploration? Is it time for a change of scenery in your life?

Week 27 Assignment: This week explore a place you have never been to in your community.



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