The Burn It Down Party

Posted: 7 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: General | Read Time: 2 minutes, 6 seconds

Burn It Down. Baptism by Fire. Purifying Fire. America needs a cleansing and for a large minority of Americans Donald Trump is the man for the job. He is going to burn down our corrupted federal government and from the ashes a golden Phoenix will arise.  While the same people that put him in office don’t have a vision for society after the fire, they know ‘something’ must be done and #45 will do it.

The country is a disaster and something must be done. The Burn It Down Party sees fire as the only solution and the only people who can operate the flame thrower are the ones who won’t question the wisdom of using the phenomenon of combustion as a political tool. Light, flame and heat will combine to cleanse our country of Obamacare, Muslims, unattractive women and NATO.

The country is a disaster and something must be done. Education has failed to educate everyone but the large minority that elected #45. They are educated, they are wise and they are informed. Betsy DeVos is the answer. An heiress with billions in the bank but no experience in education. The large minority chants, she will be great, she will be great. DeVos believes privatizing public education is the answer but Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky believes the Department of Education should cease to exist on December 31, 2018. And they chant, it will be great, it will be great.

The country is a disaster and something must be done. Pundits have declared for years that big money has been a problem in government so the solution is to bring in bigger money. Billionaires with questionable ethics and business practices now head agencies they once railed against. The Department of Energy, The Department of Education and the Office of Government Ethics are under attack from Billionaires who decided a long time ago that societal norms don’t apply to them. In today’s America, Marie Antoinette would get to keep her cake and her head.

The country is a disaster and something must be done. The large minority that elected Donald Trump are tired of hearing that governing is complicated. They don’t want reason, they want action. Deliberation, patience and personal self-control are traits of the weak. The word of the day is action. Ill conceived, yes but act. Damaging, probably but act. We are Americans and we act. The Burn It Down Party is in power and the crowd is chanting it will be great, it will be great.