Pumpkins, Candy and Scary Costumes

Posted: 11 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: General | Read Time: 2 minutes, 28 seconds

When I was a kid, Halloween was the ideal holiday. It was all about creativity and candy. My mom always made costumes for my brother and me. Her greatest design was the one-eyed one horned flying purple people eater based on the novelty song of the same name. Mom was so proud of her creation and our costume was the hit of the neighborhood. Each year we would decorate paper bags with scary pictures and talk about how much candy we gather going door-to-door. One Halloween when my brother was little, he dragged his bag until the bottom wore out and he lost all his candy. To my credit, I willingly allowed my candy to be split between my brother and me. I knew how sad he was to lose his candy. I guess it was one of my first lessons in empathy. Now that I am an adult I also know my parents raided our candy after we went to bed to make sure it was "safe".

Today, Halloween is a $6 billion business. Gone are the days of a single pumpkin on the front stoop. Now we have inflatable witches, black cats and mock grave yards. Orange lights, ghosts and spiders decorate front porches. Neighbors vie not only for the best docorations but the best candy. It is a party on a national scale. 

I am not one of those who lament a time gone by; I resist the urge to talk/complain to my children or grandchildren about walking to school up hill both ways during a blizzard while living in Florida. I love life today for many, many reasons but for me Halloween continues to be a holiday that demands homemade creativity. Unfortunately, giving out homemade treats or inviting in little ones so you can get a good look at their costumes is a tradition of a different era. 

So to maintain the creative spirit for Halloween this year, I made Zombie pumpkins. Zombies are kind of a theme at our house this year. This past summer my three grandsons came to spend a week with us at the lake and we made a movie. Zombie Lake is our first production so when I saw Martha Stewart's Zombie Pumpkins I knew I was in! I marvel at how creative some people can be when carving a Halloween pumpkin. It is pretty spectular some of the designs that show up in the various designer magazines. Historically I have been more of a traditonalist but this year I have ventured out. Creating Zombie pumpkins for the kids and polka dotted pumpkins for the adults has taken me out of my comfort zone. 

I have had fun planning and excuting the little touches that bring smiles to those I love. I work to make my home a place of good cheer and positive energy. Are you a person who finds joy in decorating? If so, what is your vision for Halloween?