Amazing Achievements

Posted: 12 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: General | Read Time: 3 minutes, 32 seconds

It is that time of the year again; time to say good-bye to the old as we start a new year. It is a time to make the promise that this year will be better than the last. What is the #1 resolution? Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, and get into better physical shape.  This will be great news for America as a whole if everyone follows through.

The Health Care Crisis will be averted. With 75% of our medical resources going to manage Chronic Disease (C.D.C 2009) obesity is the number one factor in our current crisis. Chronic Disease includes:  Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer. Obesity is the primary factor in reducing or eliminating these risks.  So with everyone’s resolution in hand we should see a great reduction of need for medical resources.  As everyone feels healthier and more energetic, productivity will increase.

I really wish that were the case for 2012. The reality is by the end of January, most people will have given up on this critical desire to improve their lives. This was the trap I fell into every year myself until four years ago. In 2007 I found myself weighing 350 lbs. Within 11 months I lost 150 lbs I now weigh 200 lbs. I have kept myself at that weight ever since. I have helped thousands lose from 10 lbs. to 220 lbs. May I share with you a few things that helped me make this long term successful change?

I was honest with myself: Every year over 57 Billion dollars are spent in this country trying get people to lose weight. Most of it is on quick fixes such as: Volcano Juice, the newest workout, or a bottle full of supplements. The results are less than stellar. Most people will regain the weight that they lose in less than two years, and then some. For most of my adult life this was the trap I fell into myself.  I was looking for a quick fix; isn’t that the American way?

I stopped doing it alone and developed a plan: The number one reason I failed is because I was trying to do it by myself. Now that I look back it was silly.  Let’s say the goal instead was to become a Nurse. I may be inspired by the T.V. show Grey’s Anatomy, but I wouldn’t be able to meet that goal of becoming a nurse by watching a season or two and asking my friends for quick nursing tips. I may use that information to inspire me, but I would need to get the proper education and training, and become mentored so that I can be a Registered Nurse. To set a goal to change my life for the better, I really needed some help.

Making big changes takes big efforts. Like most people, I was busy and time was important to me.  I needed to use leverage to maximize my effort. First I got a mentor, someone who already accomplished what I wanted to do and was living a lifestyle similar to my goal. I found someone who had helped people reach those goals. Having the right type of support is like a powerful lever. It takes your effort and magnifies it a thousand times.

I began to pay it forward: The reason I help others to get healthy is to be held accountable. It also makes me want to pay attention to the little details of success because I knew someone else was going to need those details in the future. It is the motive in my writing this article. We have all heard the tale of a “Biggest Loser” regaining all their weight. Paying it forward is one of the most powerful ways to keep yourself on track once you have arrived at your destination. 

This article began with depressing statistics. The truth is that you are an amazing human being and can accomplish a great deal of amazing feats that others will marvel at. All it takes is a great personal reason, a great plan, and great accountability. You can move a mountain.  So have a great 2012 and may you reach your goals. They are worth it because you are.