Just do it!

Posted: 13 years ago | By: Christine Somers | In: Health & Body | Read Time: 1 minute, 36 seconds

Perfect inspirational tag line and motivating words when you need to get off the sofa and clean the kitchen, finish a homework assignment, go to the grocery store or complete any other task that is less than appealing. But what about those activities that we say we want to do but never put any energy into to it? How does the “I would love to do that SOMEDAY” desires become the TODAY commitments. We just do it? I just do it?

 Okay, here goes. I want to run a 10K. There, just like Footsteps contributor Karen Graves encouraged, I said it out loud. Now what? A serious plan for success because I am quite certain that while the heart may be willing the knees will scream in terror when I head out the front door.

 As part of the plan, I will call up the additional element of what Footsteps contributor Carl de Prado calls peer pressure. While I want to do this, need to do this, I know that to make time for it to happen I must organize and be disciplined with my time. This will be difficult with running a company, a home and a life. So I am going to harness the positive aspects of peer pressure to help me stay on task and on target. Telling you that I am committing to running a 10K is integral to my success. Candidly, in life I work diligently to avoid public humiliation so it will be easier to run then to reveal just how out of shape I am. 

 I will be posting the plan and my progress, as I walk, no run this journey. Can I make this happen? I truly don’t know but what I do know is that I don’t want one more year to go by with me saying, I would love to do that and nothing happens.