Intentional Living Week Seven: Decision Time

by Christine

{Exploring Cape Horn on the Continent of Africa}

"Every choice you make has an end result". Zig Ziglar

Last week your focus was on compiling the list of Lifetime Priorities. These are goals that last for the duration of your life and shape the overarching framework of your world. As you compiled your list, what did you learn? Were there any surprises? This week is decision week; you will identify your top 4 Lifetime Priorities. 

When I originally created my list of LPs, I learned something about myself that surprised me. I was not putting energy into any priority that I stated was important to me. How could that be? Did I really believe what I wrote down or was I just parroting the "shoulds" of others? As I questioned why there was such a great chasm between what I said I valued and where I was spending my time, I made an illuminating discovery. After my husband walked out on our marriage, I automatically moved into a reactionary mode. My time was spent responding to the struggles of my new situation. I was responding to the demands my job and others made on my life; I wanted more. I decided to focus on my top 4 LPs and refocus my energy on what mattered to me. 

Week 7 Assignment: List your top 4 Lifetime Priorities.

This week you are going to list your Lifetime Priorities in order of importance. You may find that some feel equal in weight but you must assign each LP a number. Two of my LPs, employment that is personally challenging and rewarding and financial independence, may feel interwoven but they are not the same thing. Ultimately I assigned them to the number 3 and 4 slot respectively. You may have more than 4 LP's but for our next phase, you will focus on the top 4. If you don't have or have not currently identified 4, weight the ones you do in order of importance. You may uncover other LP as you start to work on the ones you have already identified. 

One cautionary note, LPs may shift in importance during different seasons of your life. You are weighting these priorities based on where you are in your life today. I started my own business in 2005 and was charging ahead on what was my #1 LP at the time, employment that is personally challenging and rewarding. I was growing my company; it was an exciting time. But in 2007, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. While my work continued to be one of my top 4 LPs, out of necessity another moved to the #1 slot. Maintain good health became my #1 LP and remains so today. Shift focus if you need to, just make sure it is your decision to do so. 

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